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Suryakantam Movie Review

Release date : March 29, 2019
Starring : Niharika Konidela, Rahul Vijay, Shivaji Raja, Madhumani
Director : Pranith Bramandapally
Producers : Sandeep Yerram reddy, Srujan Yarabolu, Ram Naresh
Music Director : Mark K Robin
Rating: 2.5/5

Suryakantham is one film which mega daughter Niharika has pinned a lot of hopes on. The triangular love story has hit the screens today and let’s see whether Niharika gets a much-needed break in her career.

Story :

Abhi(Rahul Vijay) is a simple and easy going guy who falls for a chirpy, confused and unpredictable girl called Suryakantham(Niharika). He proposes to her but the commitment-phobic Suryakantham leaves Abhi in the middle of everything and goes missing.

A year passes by and Abhi moves on with his life and decides to get married to Pooja. When everything seems to be going fine, Suryakantham gets back into the life of Abhi and turns things upside down. What will Abhi do now? Whom will he marry finally? To know the answers watch the film on the big screen.


Niharika attracted with her looks and performance. She expressed and emoted well and made a good impact with her screen presence.

Perlene too came with a decent performance expressing her self well. Rahul Vijay is OK with his performance.

Others like Satya, Suhasini, Sivaji Raja performed their roles accordingly.

Plus Points :

Few emotional scenes
Niharika, Perlene, Rahul to some extent
Few witty punches

Minus Points :

Story, Screenplay, Direction
Routine narration
Lack of commercial elements

Technical Aspects:

Production Values of the film are top notch as the movie looks rich and contemporary. The film’s music is pretty good and even better was the BGM which elevates the love story well. Niharika has been styled quite well and she looks beautiful even in the emotional scenes as well. Lyrics are good and so was the production design.

Coming to the director Pranith, he has done an okay job with the film. He starts off the film well and also establishes Niharika’s character nicely. But he brings the twist all of a sudden and does not give correct reason for the heroine going missing from action. Just when you think the emotions are right, some silly scenes spoil the proceedings time and again. The manner in which he dealt with the whole triangular love story looks jaded as more clarity could have been very good.

Verdict :

On the whole, Suryakantham is a better film when compared to Niharika’s previous duds. She has improved a lot and carries the film with her decent performance. Story-wise, there is nothing new you will see here and the pace of the film is also slow. But there are a few feel-good moments in the love story which make the proceedings lively and impress the A center audience. Watch it only for them.

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