Don’t let Oviya’s beer bottle fool you
The trailer of Ganesha Meendum Sandhipom released recently where Oviya is seen having a beer and mouthing the line — ‘I just gulped it and got high’ — has created a buzz once again, coming soon after her recent adult content film 90ML  which got mired in controversy. The filmmakers may be wanting to cash on Oviya’s new-found popularity quickly.  

Rateesh Erate, who directs the film, clarifies that the film is a clean one that revolves around a bike and Oviya’s particular scene appears as just part of the script. In effect, he is saying that picking the scene for the trailer was probably meant to tease and does not  reflect the whole character of the movie.

“Oviya essays a modern girl and her role will be totally different from what she did in 90ML. There’s a scene when Oviya gets distressed and that’s when she opens a beer bottle and consumes it. We informed her about the scene right at the beginning and, in fact, she had only apple juice in the scene. And we have a dedicated song to her ‘Viya …Viya …Oviya’ which will definitely be lapped up by audiences.”

“The film is about a respected person from Madurai, who is more attached to his motorbike than his family members. One day he gets into a major predicament because of his bike and whether he comes out of his problem or not forms the rest. It’s an action-romantic comedy.” Prithivi Pandiarajan plays the lead protagonist and Singam Puli, Devika, Mippu Samy and Madhuitha will be seen in supporting cast.

It may be years since Oviya played a glamorous role in Sundar C’s comedy Kalakalappu, perhaps the best performing movie of her career and the actress has been more in the news since her 2017 stint in Bigg Boss in which she made waves. A feature of her career has been that Oviya “as the girl-next-door’’ is unafraid of her sexuality and the teaser-trailer may have portrayed just that.