Canines in the lead
Dogs are indeed man’s best friend and they go a long way when it comes to sharing special bond for their loyalty. Their emotional relationship as the favourite pet animal has been one of the most celebrated acts on the silver screen till date. Canines have also been star performers as entertainers by displaying their valour and skills in front of cameras. Sandalwood too has been a witness to their heroics in several movies in the past, at times as the rescuer, a best friend and even leading in numerous adventurous sequences. All kinds of breeds have made their appearances, and recently they are in demand to play the major roles in Kannada movies. Bengaluru Chronicle reports on the favourite pet who are back in action.

“Dog is the only pet animal who has featured in most number of movies and documentaries and all other possible mediums including various kinds of advertisements across the globe. They are adorable and fun to work with and hence they keep featuring on the celluloid. They deserve awards for their performances. In Nanu Mattu Gunda, the makers have gone a step ahead by getting the voice of the dog dubbed by a real dog. There are several real incidents involving canines and the makers have started to explore their side of the stories than just casting them as pets,” says director Raghavaendra.

In Kanadante Mayavaadanu, which is an action fantasy movie directed by Raj Paththipaati, a seven-year-old Labrador by the name Siddhu plays the role of Bagheera in it. In fact, the labrador has already acted in a couple of short films and movies. According to the director, the dog is one of the main leads in the film and its presence is the most crucial, as the tale takes a dramatic twist because of it.  

In Nanu Matte Gunda, a white labrador and a puppy plays the lead. The director of the movie, Srinivas Thimmaiah says, “The film revolves around the pets and the rest of the cast are actually the support casts. We have even got the dubbing done by the dogs itself. Simba the dog shares the screen with Shivaraj K R Pete of  Comedy Khiladigalu fame,” he adds.

Whereas in 777 Charlie starring Rakshit Shetty which will hit the screens in December, the pets have a special emotional role. The director Kiranraj explains that movie is all about innocence which even features two child artistes.

The short film White featuring Priyamani in the lead (for which Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan lend his voice) had ‘Rocky’ the dog playing the lead role.