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Vajra Kavachadhara Govinda Movie Review

Release date : June 14, 2019
Starring :  Saptagiri, Vaibhavi Joshi, Jabardasth Srinu
Director :  Arun Pawar
Producers :  Edala Narendra, Gvn Reddy
Music Director :  Vijay Bulganin
Cinematographer :  Praveen Vanamali
Editor :  Kishore Manddali
Rating : 2.5/5

Vajra Kavacha Dhara Govinda is the new Telugu film in the theatres. Sapthagiri and Vaibhavi played the lead roles in the movie. Arun Pawar is the director of the movie who worked with Sapthagiri for the second time. The trailer impressed everyone big time and let us see how the film actually is. Read on the review of the film Vajra Kavacha Dhara Govinda.

Story: An archaeologist is working on tracing a hidden treasure in Parasurama Kshetram. He comes across a small time thief Govind (Sapthagiri). What did Govind do for finding treasure? Did they trace it? What happened in the end? Forms the story of the movie.

Performances: Sapthagiri is defnitely a show stealer for this film. He has shown some variations in his character and will grab the attention of the audience. Not only in the comedy scenes, even in other scenes like emotional as well as action scenes, Sapthagiri has delivered his best performance. Vaibhavi Joshi not only lookes beautiful, but also delivered a decnt performance. She also maintained good chemistry with Saptagiri and their scenes came out really well. Archana delivered an honest performance and went under the skin of the character. Temper Vamsi delivered an honest performance and did his best essaying his role. Apparao and Avinash also performed very well. Rajendra John Kottoli and Viren Thambidorai also made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects: GTR Mahendra has penned a good story for this film. Director Arun Pawar tried to narrate it in an interesting way. He has picked up a simple story line with some twists and has filled it with comedy, romance, emotions and some action sequences as well. He has did his best in engaging the audience. Production values by Narendra Yedala and GVN Reddy under Shiva Shivam films are high. We can see that despite being a low budget movie, the producers have invested decent amounts for the film. Music by Vijay Bulganin is energetic. Not only his, songs but also his interesting BGM will impress the audience. Praveen Vanamali's cinematography is beautiful. He has produced some bright and colourful visuals for the film. The run time is crisp.

Verdict: The movie has a simple story with no big complications. The director has handled it well. The movie also features some good performances by the actors. The first half of the film entirely deals with the character introductions and the establishment of the story. Also, the director has added a bunch of comedy scenes and also a love track. The second half is a lot more serious when compared with the first half. The pre-climax scenes are filled with emotions and are handled well. The climax ends on a happy note. On the whole, Vajra Kavacha Dhara Govinda is a one time watch film.

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