Suresh Babu Unhappy With Oh Baby
Here and then, we are hearing that ace producer Suresh Babu who has bankrolled Oh Baby is not happy with the film's output. Though this Samantha starrer went on to become a super hit at the box office, the producer has his own share of upsets to share.

Reportedly Suresh is said to be unhappy with the film's music, as many critics also pointed out, better songs and background score would have helped the movie a lot. The film's music was composed by Mickey J Meyer who has recently impressed with films like A..Aa and Mahanati. An interesting thing is that Mickey composed everything while staying in London and the USA, and hasn't even met Suresh Babu in person while doing the work. 

Also, he is said to have not given any tune much in advance but only before two days of the shoot, which irked Suresh further. Though the producer is against this composer, we hear that Samantha and Nandini Reddy backed him up, and hence Mickey continued. Anyway, hope Suresh takes care of his films' music next time and also this is a learning point for Samantha too.