Sye Raa Copied Those Shots From Baahubali?
The pictures of Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan posing with Prabhas at a Mumbai hotel have spoken about the bonhomie between these stars. And also they gave a hint that Charan invested in Saaho, and Prabhas is helping Sye Raa team to get the needed promotions. Here is the opposite of it, however.

Some of the images being shared on social media are indicating that actually Sye Raa's scenes and action stunts are a bit inspired by Baahubali and Baahubali. There are those trollers who are busy sharing some 'comparison' images showcasing how each and every pose of Prabhas from Baahubali is repeated with Megastar Chiru now.

These fans want to show that Prabhas is the father of all stunts and inspiring action sequences, but that will misfire bigtime. Because all those poses are actually lifted from films like 300 and its sequel, and some from the epic war scenes in TV series like Game of Thrones. So literally this nothing like Chiru copying Prabhas, but both Prabhas and Chiru copying Hollywood stunts.

All said and done, whether it is Baahubali or Sye Raa, the scale at which Telugu films are being made though they have inspired content is a big thing.