Sye Raa Vs Saaho: Ugly Fight Hampering Prospects
Mega Star Chiranjeevi's Sye Raa and Young Rebel Star Prabhas's Saaho are generating tremendous interest among movie lovers across the country. Even as the makers are promoting their respective films leaving no stone unturned, movie lovers who are waiting eagerly for the films feel that the diehard fans of Prabhas and Chiranjeevi are inadvertently murdering the films which are expected to raise the level of .

Right after the release of teaser of Sye Raa, many started comparing both the films. Diehard fans of Prabhas started trolling Chiranjeevi's look in Sye Raa and took snapshots of the scenes and alleged that many scenes in Sye Raa are copied from Prabhas' magnum opus Baahubali.

Similarly mega fans are blasting Saaho saying that all the scenes are direct lift from Hollywood action entertainers and alleged that even Baahubali scenes were copied from various Hollywood blockbusters.

Many feel while entire nation is watching in awe the making of Sye Raa and Saaho and waiting eagerly for the films’ release, fans ugly fight is hampering the prospects and in turn murdering the films even before their release.

Analysts point out that even during Rajamouli's Baahubali release, fans of other stars came with negative reports and even critics from Telugu states virtually blasted the film giving it less ratings compared to Bollywood movie critics who gave thumbs up for the film which eventually created a sensation across the world.

They say, fans should refrain themselves and be proud that two films from Tollywood are set to show their power at national level.