Sivappu Manjal Pachai Movie Review
Star Cast: GV Prakash, Siddharth, Kashmira
Director: Sasi
Rating: 2.5/5

In almost all of director Sasi's films, relationships are held overly sacred. Be it the friendship between Ilango and Mano in Roja Kootam or Arul's love for his mom Bhuvaneswari in Pichaikaran, the human bond is the lifeline of Sasi's movies. In Sivappu Manjal Pachai, which comes three years after his last venture, the lifeline is the brother-sister bond between Madhan (GV Prakash) and Rajalakshmi (Lijomol Jose).

Sivappu Manjal Pachai is the kind of films that are very regional and would sound funny if it were to be made anywhere else in the world. But you do sense a tinge of similarities between Sivappu Manjal Pacahi and The Fast And The Furious. Madhan is obsessed with bike-racing since childhood. He along with his friends participate in illegal and dangerous street races. Rajasekhar (Siddharth), on the other hand, is an uptight traffic inspector for whom 'roads are office' and the 'scorching sunlight is air conditioning'. Rajasekhar arrests Madhan during one such race and publicly humiliates him. But fate has it that Rajasekhar ends up becoming the brother-in-law (Mama) of Madhan.

If one attempts to make a 'Tamilised' version of the racing film, with an overdose of melodrama, it would look something like Sivappu Manjal Pacahi. Here, the chemistry between the lead heroes become familial, and that is what makes Tamil films unique. It also becomes the reason why films by directors like Sasi and Vikraman, despite their melodramatic exaggerations, work. They reinforce Tamil cultural and sentimental beliefs.

Craft is not something comes to your mind while talking about Sasi's film, and Sivappu Manjal Pacahi doesn't change the status quo. The racing secnes, which are predominantly contrived with CGI effects, look mundane and there is nothing refreshing there. The action blocks and songs of Siddhu Kumar are also of no help. Yet, the film is taut and progresses at a good pace till the interval. The second half becomes egregiously redundant.

However, Sigappu Manjal Pachai is not a lazy film. Signs of genuine effort are visible throughout. Sasi, in intermittent flashbacks, depicts the intensity of the bond between Madhan and Rajalakshmi. Without parents, the brother takes his sister for a mother, and she takes him for a father. But it is just a coping mechanism for the two, which is brought out in a tear-jerking scene, where Rajalakshmi confesses that she could never be his mom.

Yet, we get only a few of such well-thought-out elements in Sigappu Manjal Pachai, which is teeming with segments of inconsequential romance and unidimensional villain, and a subplot about chain-snatching.

The performances by Siddharth and GV Prakash make the film bearable. The former does a great job as a stringent cop with a heart. Rajeskhar's dilemma of whether to be a good brother-in-law or an honest cop is brought out in Siddharth's subtle and restrained performance. On the other hand, composer-turned-actor GV Prakash wins in irritating you as Madhan.

After the blockbuster hit Pichaikaran, Sasi only manages to come up with a middling family (melo)drama that also tries to be an action film.