Gaddhalakonda Ganesh (Valmiki) Movie Review
Starring : Varun Tej, Atharvaa, Pooja Hegde, Mirnalini Ravi
Director : Harish Shankar
Producers : Achanta Ramu, Achanta Gopinath
Music Director : Mickey J Meyar
Rating: 3/5

Varun Tej’s Valmiki has been renamed as Gaddalakonda Ganesh in the last minute and has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.

Abhilash(Atharva) is an upcoming director who wants to make it big at any cost and for this, he decides to make a film based on a criminal. He starts researching about Gaddalakonda Ganesh(Varun Tej) a brutal criminal and finally meets him and starts to know him closely. After a point, he reveals to Ganesh that he is ready to start the film. But the twist in the tale arises when Ganesh demands that he himself will be the hero of the film. Rest of the story is as to how Abhilash handles a deadly Ganesh and finishes the film.

The film is all about Varun Tej. He has brought Gaddalakonda Ganesh character to life with his terrific portrayal. The styling is spot on as Varun looks menacing as the bad guy. His look of eighties also is impressive. This is the best performance of the actor by far. Atharva is good as the aspiring filmmaker. Pooja Hegde has a brief role to play and she steals the show with her beauty. Mrinalini Ravi is just okay. Satya is good in a lengthy comedy role. Brahmaji has some fine moments of humor. Tanikella Bharani, Supriya and Annapurna have their moments too.

Plus Points:
Varun Tej
Velluvochi song
Pooja Hegde episode

Minus Points:
Uneven first half
Lengthy runtime

Technical Aspects:
Production values of the film are top notch as every penny spent on the film shows on screen. But it is the superb camerawork by Bose which shows the film in a specific tone which suits the subject of the film. Mickey J Meyer and his music score is impressive but his BGM was best in recent times. Varun Tej, Pooja Hegde and the entire cast have superbly designed by Gauri Naidu. Her work is really impressive as it gives the film a whole new angle altogether. Editing is a letdown as at least 15 minutes could have been trimmed. Production design is good and so were the lyrics.

Coming to the director Harish Shankar he has done just an okay job with the film. Full marks to him for the way he made changes to the original and also showcasing Varun in a superb manner. But in all this, he missed the basic emotions in the film. The conflict point is weak and because of the lengthy time, Harish Shankar loses grip on proceedings in the second half. But he added good mass elements and comedy here and there.

On the whole, Gaddalakonda Ganesh is a passsble mass drama which has a few good moments.But a lengthy runtime, lack of strong emotions and dragged climax take down the film and make it an okay watch this weekend.