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Pawan Kalyan Follows Rajinikanth

Superstar Rajnikanth visited Haridwar and Kasi last year. He often flies to devotional places and mostly to Himalayas to find peace and comfort. It is known that his film 'Baba's story originated when he met few saints in Himalayas. He is a spiritual person who leads a minimalistic life despite his global stardom.
Now, Pawan Kalyan too is walking down the same path. We all know that Pawan is man who leads a simplistic life and is seen mostly in white Kurta Pajamas. He often stays in his farm house doing farming and enjoys living in nature. He recently took a visit to Haridwar and Rishikesh where he was seen spending his trip just like any other common man. He visited those temples, took a holy dip in river Ganga and cleansed himself spiritually. He is seen walking down the streets, sitting beside the river, enjoying nature and reading books through his tab. Pawan who has been busy off late with politics, took time to clear his mind and refresh himself with this trip.
This recent pictures of his trip on social media is making his fans to fall in love with his simplicity all over again.

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