Is Your Skin On Both The Sides Of Your Nose Constantly Peeling Off?
Dry or flaky nose is normally seen mostly during the winter season. It can appear either on both sides of the nose or even on the nose. Depending on the cause, dry skin around the nose crease can be flaky, scaly, peeling or even sore. But it is not necessary that it can appear only during the winters. Dry nose can also be the result of many other factors. Dry nose The cosmetics and soaps you use can make your skin dry, and the ageing process can cause skin to become dry because the sebaceous glands become sluggish with age. Some other causes can be due to climatic changes, certain medications, contact dermatitis, peri-oral dermatitis, makeup and cosmetics, seborrheic dermatitis, etc. For some, this can be chronic and for some, this can be easily treated if you put in some effort in taking care of your skin. However, if it is chronic, it is better to seek medication, else some natural home remedies and tips will help you in treating flaky or dry nose easily. Here are some of the tips for dry nose and how to avoid peeling skin on nose.

Do Not Scratch:
Avoid scratching on the dry area of your nose. This can further cause irritation to the skin and may also start bleeding. Hence, if in case you feel itchy, try applying a cube of ice over the affected area. This will help you to reduce the redness and itchiness of the skin.

Choose Your Sunscreen:
Sunscreen is an essential and must-have product with you. But be careful while choosing your sunscreen. If you already have a dry skin, make sure that you do not go for a sunscreen with alcohol as a base. Always go for sunscreens that have olive oil or aloe vera as a base. This will help you in keeping your skin hydrated.

Exfoliation: Exfoliation is very important in keeping the skin hydrated and moisturised. Proper exfoliation prevents the skin from drying. Make sure that you exfoliate your skin using a scrub twice or thrice a week. However, over exfoliation can lead to further damage of the skin.

Drink Water: Keeping the skin moisturized from the outside is not enough to get rid of flaky nose. You can prevent your skin from becoming dry by keeping your body hydrated. And this happens only if you drink water and keep your body hydrated. So, make sure that you drink enough water in order to prevent flaky and dry nose.

Use Lukewarm Water:
Avoid washing your face with hot water, since it strips away all the essential oils on your skin, which is important in keeping the moisture in place. Instead, you can wash your face with lukewarm water. This will keep up the moisturization of the skin and can help you to get rid of flaky nose.

Use A Humidifier:
Using a humidifier is recommended if it is the winter season. Generally, your nose gets dry during this season. So, use a humidifier at home to keep up the moisture of your skin. You can do this before going to bed every night.

Petroleum Jelly: This is the easiest way to get rid of flaky and dry nose. Just apply some petroleum jelly on the nose or both sides or wherever the affected area is. Gently massage and leave it. You can do this before going to bed every night and in the morning. Petroleum jelly is the best and the cheapest moisturizer that gives the desired results.

Almond Oil:
has several beauty benefits whether used for the skin or hair. Just apply some almond oil on your flaky nose and gently massage. You can also use it with aloe vera for better and faster results. Mix 1 teaspoon of aloe vera and 1 teaspoon of almond oil and apply it on your nose.

Apply Ice: 
At times, the inflammation around your nose can turn out to be red and itchy. This causes further irritation and so, you can easily prevent this by using ice cubes. Cover the ice cube in a towel and rub it over the dry and flaky area. Always remember not to apply the ice directly on the skin, as it can cause more damage to the skin. Do this at least twice every day.

Coconut Oil:
is rich in fatty acids, making it an effective moisturizer, and it gets absorbed quickly. It helps to even out the skin tone and calm down the redness on the nose. It also helps in making the skin soft and radiant. Apply some coconut oil, instead of ready-made moisturizers and you can see a huge difference.

Do Not Stand Under The Shower For A Long Time

Excess bathing leads to stripping off of the natural oils from our skin. This may leave our skin dry and flaky. So, in order to maintain the moisture of our skin, it is advised not to stand under the shower for a long time. Maximum recommended time is 10-15 minutes.