Canada: Anti-CAA protests ring in the New Year
Protests over the Citizenship Amendment Act continued into the new year. A day after the Kerala Assembly passed a resolution seeking withdrawal of the citizenship law, Indian Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Friday said there is no escape from the implementation of the law.

Meanwhile, amid new year celebrations, protests against the amended citizenship law continued in various parts of Delhi including at Shaheen Bagh, Jamia University and India Gate.

Canada, a popular destination for the Indian diaspora, is also witnessing a series of protests against the CAA and the proposed National Register of Citizens (NRC).

Throughout December, there were simultaneous protests outside the Indian Consulates in Vancouver and Toronto as well as in downtown Vancouver, Surrey and Calgary.

In addition, students and academia came out with public statements in Manitoba, Montreal and Ottawa against the CAA and NRC.

Canada’s New Democratic Party’s (NDP) Sikh-origin leader Jagmeet Singh has also made a statement against the CAA. In a tweet that has gone viral, he said, “The Indian government's new Citizenship Amendment Law purposely discriminates Muslims & other minority communities. It is wrong & should be denounced. At a time of rising hate & polarization, governments should work to unite people, not divide them.”

The members of the Solidarity Front of Manitoba also issued a statement which said they stand in solidarity with the university students and peaceful protestors in India leading the fight against the CAA and the NRC.