It is a celebration time, Deshis
 At last, wheel started moving in the case of Green Card system in US. The system prevailing in the country is having long history. Asians were always treated badly. Chinese were brought to work in construction of Rail Roads, Japanese were allowed initially with Pacific connection of Hawai islands and so on. When the need was over, real colours have come out. Chinese were banned. Japanese were stopped with gentlemen agreement and they were all moved to exclusive camps during war. Such was the treatment of Asians initially. Of course, Indians were not a big topic at any time except a small strip of time during Sikh voyage. Racial America gradually turned into Liberal America. 
   The Asians are now one of the privileged community. Of course, Jews were influential from the beginning. But their entry was based on several reasons. Chinese and Japanese were also earlier inhabitants but were treated very badly. The 1960s and rise of liberals like John F kennedy and Lindon B Johnson changed the scenario totally. Indians were particularly benefited because of introduction of employment based  highly skilled visas during Lindon Johnson time. However, Permanent Residency (Green Card) category system continued with country quotas. All these years though Indians got advantage of temporary visas like H1Bs , their consequential absorption into the residency was not in sync with country quota system. There lies the hardship to Indians. 
   The recent passage of bill by US House of Representatives lifting country quota system for EB category is in fact a thrill to Indian community. Though Indians are campaigning, agitating, lobbying, nobody expected the issue will come to logical solution in this short time. With the overwhelming passage of bill with the support from both Democrats and Republicans, there may not be hurdle for passage in Senate. It is a simple bill with simple majority requirement. By all probability, it will be passed smoothly in the Senate as well as get assent from Trump. Really, it is a celebration day for all of us. 
  If it materialises, in another decade, Indian origin citizens of US will become strong and powerful community in US politics also. Good days are ahead for Deshis. But only my apprehension is that these Deshis must change themselves. As on now, they move within themselves. It is not a positive aspect. They must try to assimilate with the native society if they want to become recognised lot in America. Hope, they will change their outlook in the coming days. With this Caveat, let us welcome these developments and soon our Deshis will become permanent residents in a big number. It is a celebration and Independence Day , DESHIS. Enjoy it.