Seven deadly sins to avoid at weddings
The wedding season’s upon us, and the fear of faux pas that can ruin this memorable day grapples the best of us. So, how to try your best to keep the wedding Insta-friendly with minimal glitches? From messy food to matching monochromed outfits, many tiny yet crucial mistakes can be avoided with a checklist.
To save you the trouble of conjecture on these, here’s a complete list suggested by experts that could make the wedding a smooth affair for the newly-weds and their families alike.
Read on to know how...
1. Mistake: Gifting incorrectly

 Flowers that say the wrong thing
 Pick a classy, light bouquet for the newly-weds instead of a bulky one that they find cumbersome to even hold.
2. Mistake: Selfies onstage
 Leave this to the professionals instead
 Restrict the use of mobile phones, especially on stage, else each photo will feature a selfie and spoil your memorable frames.
3. Mistake: Wearing a suit
 Your wedding outfit shouldn’t be wearable in the boardroom!
 Grooms: Keep the formal suits for the boardroom and invest in an outfit you can repeat to other formal events post your wedding!
4. Mistake: Going Indo-western
 Accessorise according to your outfit!
 Again, a Western import the flower wreathes look mismatched on the elderly and young guests alike. Instead focus on a nice hair-do!
5. Mistake: Too much jewellery
 Don’t accessorise like an X’mas tree
 Too much jewellery can ruin the overall look. So go easy on your jewels, if not minimal.
6. Mistake: overly coordinated
 Colours from a family shouldn’t resemble uniforms
 The bride’s besties need not look like they’re dressed up in school uniforms. It’s a Western import and sadly, does not blend in with a traditional desi wedding!
7. Mistake: eat right
 Skip messy foods!
 When planning your wedding menu steer clear of messy foods like ice cream bars and chunky starters to keep it clean.