Frustrated with Goal! Wanna know how to get it?
When we say goals, we must understand this. From where you are if you set a goal for your life.You can only set a goal according to your present level of understanding and knowledge isn't it?

You think you have reached the point where you know everything in the universe.So if you set a goal, what kind of goal will you set? a very meager goal and if You grow rapidly you will be terribly disappointed with your own goal. but this is been taught to you in recent years that you must be goal-oriented.

Let's say... you want mangoes in your house.If you want mangoes you don't have to think of mangoes, you have to think of soil, you have to think of manure, water, sunlight. None of them looks like mangoes or taste like mangoes.but if you take care of those things mangoes will come.

In twenty years' time of life what kind of data do you believe, you have gathered to set a goal for life is not necessary. your goal is going to be just a fencible desire that you made up in your mind and that is not even yours. Your goals are all borrowed from ten other people. Whatever is a trend today that is your goal, isn't it?

Don't set a goal if you have absolute devotion to what you are doing right now. depending upon the time and opportunities we will go as far as we go.if you get to the goal you will be disappointed. if you don't get there you will be broken.

Most successful people on the planet, just go on the street just watch the people who are driving BMWs, Marcedes and whatever else.....Successful people just carefully watch how many of them are joyfully driving there BMW?how many of them are joyfully driving there dream car that they work can see hardly everybody unless its a stolen car.

So those who have gotten to their goals are disappointed. those who couldn't get there are broken and frustrated. What's the point of like this??Your ability to  do things is enhanced only if you are absolutely 'devoted' to which you are involved. In any field any arena of life sport, art, music, politics whatever you want. Has anybody reach a significant level without deviation. As anybody reaches the mediocre things they have done.

Only those who are absolutely devoted to what they are doing have done significant things on this planet and that's what you must do.
What is possible and what is not is not your business.Nature will decide this.Your business is just to work for what truly matters to you