Modi-Shah jodi: When the rise is so sharp, the fall can be equally steep?
When the rise is so sharp, the fall can be equally steep? It is the question now turning to be a formidable point for political discourse in the country. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Home Minister Amit Shah are now seen as `formidable’ political force in the country and no party or leader is seen of capable to face this due in the country at present.

The formidable jodi was seen raising the level of campaign outreach to a new high, decimated the Opposition and outdid the party’s 2014 performance, with the BJP on its own crossing 300 seats.

Then, with lightning speed and steely determination, not witnessed since Indira Gandhis times, Shah as Home Minister successfully pushed through some far-reaching legislation.

Parliament voted to scrap Jammu and Kashmir’s special status and amended the citizenship Act to bring in religion as a criterion on refugees. Also, the Supreme Court finally gave a ruling in the century-old Ram Janmabhoomi dispute.’

However, since then, this jodi seems to be in some helpless scenario. Their failure to form their government in Maharashtra, though their alliance stormed in the polls and disastrous defeat in Jharkhand makes their political vulnerability, a reality.

It has given scope to realise that when the rise is so sharp, the fall can be equally steep. A slowing economy, rising inflation and a steady growth in the number of non-BJP-ruled states could foreshadow the future. It depends whether the economic downside or the mood of majoritarianism propagated by the BJP prevails.

The violent protests against Citizenship Amendment Act, has exposed the jodi’s failure in gauging public mood in a correct perspective and their lack-of preparedness to face them in an unfavorable environment.