Hypocrisy of Imran Khan
              Pakistan Prime Minister's double standards exposed in recent interview with Foreign Policy magazine. When Magazine questioned about his silence on repressive measures taken by China on Uighur muslims by putting 1 to 2  million people  in camps, restricting their movements, making religious practices restrictive, Imran Khan simply said that his information is not exhaustive on the news. He tried to defend that oppression of Kashmiri Muslims is bigger than Uighur Muslims. Ultimately, he tried to cover up with observation that China is friendly country and any observations/opinions will be conversed privately.  He also lied that there are no Haqqani terror shelters in his country. 

   Pakistan never said truth in its past, never say truth in future. Pakistan President Musharraf denied presence of Osama Bin Laden in his country. Whether it is Imran Khan, Musharraf, Nawaz Sharif , their denials on terror shelters are same. World knows it. Unlike China, India never treated minorities oppressively. Imran Khan double standards exposed. India never restricted religious practices like China did in its entire history. China even do not allow names resembling like Muhammad. India is a democratic country where its actions are transparent and verifiable any time unlike China. But Imran Khan being head of Islamic country do not want to say single word or give an advice to China about Uighur Muslims. This is nothing but hypocrisy. 

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  Leave about comparison of Uighur Muslims. Compare plight of Baluchi Muslims with Kashmiri Muslims. Baluchis were not treated as equal citizens since its forced merger with Pakistan. Mujahars who were actually championed the cause of Pakistan who hails from UP, Bihar and MP are now totally illtreated by Punjabi dominated Pakistan society. Similar is the case with Sindhis who became minority in its own Karachi City and totally disillusioned with Punjabi dominated Pakistan establishment. Unfortunately, the Indian Government and Media is not aggressive in its approach in countering Pakistan propaganda on Kashmir issue. Leave alone the non-Punjabi Muslims in its own country, what is the plight of Shias in Gilgit-Baltistan which was illegally occupied by Pakistan. When they annexed it from India, Shias were more than 80% but now they became minority in their own place. Let Imran Khan answer the reasons for ill treatment of ethnic minorities as well as religious sub sects in his own country instead of pointing fingers at India. If at all any hardships in Kashmir to the people, it is because of Pakistan and local ruling families. If Pakistan intervention is not there, Kashmir would have been in a better position socially and economically. Their intervention made Kashmiris suffer. If there are any restrictions on their movements , it is because india wanted protection from Pak sponsored terrorism. Let Imran Khan stop export of terrorism and see how Kashmiris enjoy freedom. India is a democratic country and not in a position to receive preachings from semi-democratic country even after seventy years of Independence. Indian Government should launch offensive campaign all over the world against the internal situation of Pakistan. That is the only way Pakistan can be countered.