Modi's North-East initiative
                    North East always keeps vigil on national security and AFSA still continue in many areas. Historically, full integration of this part of India never took place. The various tribes, races, cultures make them always feel independent from mainland India. Almost all parts took arms against Independent India. At one point of time, the integration of North East with India was vulnerable. Thanks to Army, strong military actions made it impossible to insurgent groups to succeed. However, the lasting peace lies with political settlements. 
              Except Manipur, Tripura , all North East was governed under Assam State only. Union Government addressed the sentiments of many culturally distinct races and tribes by forming separate and exclusive States, autonomous district councils etc. . Simultaneously , it conducted negotiations with insurgent groups and reached several peace accords. Present Mizoram was totally turbulent once upon time. Nagaland was not at all considered part of India, Similar issues in NEFA (present Arunachal Pradesh), Kashi-Garo Hills (present Meghalaya), Manipur and many tribal areas, Bodo areas and other Assamese issues. Over a period of time, North- East evolved gradual peace by reaching several peace accords. As on now, it is hundred times better when compared to immediate post-independent era. 
           The emergence of Modi at national level brought more initiatives to stabilise peace and development in North East. His appointment of exclusive Ministry to North East and keeping him in PM Secretariat gives signals to North East people how much importance Modi gave to this region. He made it a policy to visit North East at regular intervals and directed his Ministers to stay there for night compulsorily made the desired impact. Funds were pumped comparatively much higher than any previous regimes. North East people realised that Modi is a man of action but not of hollow promises. Infrastructure built-up caught speed in the region. It created lot of hope in the people and started feeling that they are really part of India. 
        The second most important part of the initiative is political settlements with insurgent groups. Top priority is given to political integration. In 2015 itself, MOU was signed with major Nagaland insurgent group. NSCN(IM) was the major group among all the outfits. Lot of efforts were made to bring them to negotiating table. Finally, By 31st October 2019, final accord was reached with NSCN(IM) leadership and also with 6 other Naga National Groups. It was not come out openly because other States, Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh should be taken on board. Everyone is eagerly awaiting to the logical conclusion of this accord. This year definitely it will be materialised. It is going to be the biggest achievement for Modi Government. 
      Meanwhile, in the recent past, several initiatives were taken. 644 militants were surrendered with arms in Assam. The 23 year old Bru-Reang tribe refugee problem was resolved recently by a tripartite agreement between Tripura and Mizoram with Centre. Today, another age old problem of Bodos was settled. Bodos are inhabited in the area known as upper portion of lower Brahmaputra valley since centuries with distinct culture. They are fighting for separate Bodoland State. Respective Governments tried to reach to them by forming Bodo Autonomous Council in 1993, by forming Bodoland Territorial Council under Bodoland Territorial Area Districts in 2003 but they are still on toes. Today, a tripartite Peace Accord was reached with four factions of National Democratic Front of Bodoland and also with All Bodo Students Union. 
       This Accord is considered to be game changer for Bodos as most of their demands are considered. A package of Rs 1500  crores will be implemented in a span of three years. Their language will be given Associate official language status with separate Directorate. A Central University and National Sports University will be set up. Several other educational institutes will be established. A Commission will be appointed to examine extension of their territorial jurisdiction. They are considering  Modi regime as Golden era for North Eastern region. It benefits both . People in the Region are direct beneficiaries of this initiative. Also, Country will be benefited by preparing favourable ground for Act East Policy. Sooner, North East will become pride of India and will be transit area for Eastern and South Eastern Asia.