Shahid Kapoor Injured, Develops 13 Stitches
Shahid Kapoor has developed wounds while preparing for his upcoming flick Jersey, which is the remake of Nani starrer Jersey. While shooting a cricket match scene cricket ball unexpectedly hit the lower lip of Shahid and he was immediately rushed to the Hospital.

The hospital authorities said, "Shahid was playing perfectly fine and rehearsing before the shot when the ball unexpectedly came and hit him on the lower lip and cut open a wide gash where blood started gushing out! He was immediately taken for treatment and a doctor was rushed to see him. To close the wound stitches were sutured by the doctor."

"All this has left the actor with a heavily bruised lower lip, and hence he will not be able to shoot for the film till the swelling subsides and the wound is healed to enable him to emote freely. As a thorough professional Shahid is doing everything in his power t