Noorin Shereef injured in fans attack
Fans may be the lifeblood of celebrities but on the flip side they can also draw blood from the very star they love when angered as experienced by a young actress.  Noorin Shereef acted in the Malayalam film 'Oru Adaar Love's as the heroine but Priya Prakash Varrier who played a supporting role hit the jackpot after her famous wink video went viral.

On Sunday, Noorin Shereef went to Manjeri, Malappuram to inaugurate a supermarket but the unruly crowd gathered there attacked her and one person hit her on the nose and she stared bleeding.  In spite of being wounded it is said that Noorin took the mic with tears running down and spoke to the crowd to subdue them.

Noorin Shereef's mother claimed that the organizers told them the function was at 4pm but they kept them waiting  in a place for two hours and took them to venue at 6pm which angered the waiting crowd.

Fans allege that Noorin Shereef kept them waiting and impatience caused the fracas.