UNC NURSING STUDENT'S DEATH REMAINS A MYSTERY TO HER FAMILY The day after ABC11's exclusive interview with the husband of a UNC nursing student found dead, Adedayo Fatolu says he was able to meet with investigators who are still trying to figure out how his wife died. 

"My wife is the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen," Adedayo Fatolu recalled in an exclusive interview with ABC11. "She is my angel. My angel of mercy."

The last time Fatolu would see his wife of 16 years was last Thursday morning. Before heading to the School of Nursing at UNC, Olutoyosi Layeni Fatolu removed frozen chicken from the refrigerator for dinner and dropped their teenage daughter to school.

The evening would come without word from her. Fatolu said he alerted campus police and went to the park and ride lot off N.C. Highway 54 at the Friday Center where his wife parks. He could see their car, but not his wife, because it had already become a crime scene.

"Why did they not allow me to see her?" he asked. "I was not going to mess up the crime scene. I just want a glimpse of my wife."

Fatolu said the distance and the silence continue. Days later, he still doesn't know how his 41-year-old wife and mother of two died. She got a clean bill of health at a recent doctor's visit. Fatolu said her autopsy came back inconclusive.

UNC campus police will only say whatever happened in the parking lot is not a threat to the campus community.

"I don't see a reason why anybody would hurt that woman," said Fatolu. "She's always wearing a smile and for you to hurt somebody with a smile, I don't think so, but then there are a crazy people out there."

Fatolu said he's asked authorities whether his wife was murdered. ABC11 asked Fatolu whether he's been told he's a person of interest. He said investigators interviewed him only once and have yet to speak to him again. 

"I'm not even expecting someone to say that they hurt her," he explained. "I just want to know what happened to my wife."

Fatolu said he later learned his wife never attended class that ill-fated day. He said he suspects she died that morning and went unnoticed for hours. 

The State Bureau of Investigation is assisting UNC with the case, but stopped short of saying whether they suspect foul play. ABC11 has learned both agencies have reached out to the Orange County District Attorney.

So far, there are no criminal charges and no answers -- just a husband with two kids waiting to learn more. 

"There was a kind of bond that existed between her and myself," said Fatolu. "She loved her family, and we loved her dearly."

UNC Campus police and the SBI are still not commenting, but they've asked for access to ABC11's exclusive interview.

The day after our interview, Adedayo Fatolu tells ABC11 he met with investigators. There's no word yet on what he may have learned about his wife's death.

Fatolu said investigators apologized for not allowing him to see his wife. They're now waiting for the toxicology report.

Adedayo Fatolu says his wife's funeral is set for this Saturday.
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