Watch this brave Indian-origin woman fight off an armed robber with bare hands in Georgia Putting up an exemplary show of courage, an Indian-origin woman who works as a store clerk in Georgia United States, fought off an armed robber with a hammer, forcing him to flee.

The whole incident was caught on surveillance camera and in the video released by the Burke County Sheriff's Office shows Christian Thornton, 17, trying to buy a soda, but then drawing the gun and pointing it directly at clerk Bhumika Patel.

WRDW has reported that Patel was working in the in store on Tuesday when a hooded man walked to her at the counter with an item. Everything looked normal until the man asked her to hand over all the cash in the drawer.

Patel fought the armed man with bare hands then thrashed him with the cash register and ultimately pulled out a hammer at the robber. She told WRDW that choice for her was simple. And she decided not to give in. After the robber pulled a gun at her, her first instinct was telling him he didn't have the guts to pull the trigger.

"Because I no fight, still he shoot me. I fight, still he shoot me. Better, then, I fight," Patel said.

While fighting the 17-year-old whom the police have arrested, Bhumika broke her three nails and suffered a minor scratch.
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