Indian-Americans split in claiming victory for Clinton, Trump LAS VEGAS: Indian-Amercian supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Thursday claimed victory for their respective candidates in the final presidential debate here even as the US media declared the Democratic nominee as the winner of the debate.

The Indian-American supporters of Trump asserted that the real estate tycoon from New York successfully got his points across to his voters and was effective in his targeted message.

"Trump got his point across to his voters and was effective in his targeted message," Puneet Ahluwalia from the Trump Asian Advisory Committee said in a statement after the conclusion of the third and final presidential debate here.

But Clinton's supporters disagreed.

"The most stunning moment in the debate came when Trump did not say definitively that he would accept the election results on November 8. It certainly calls into question Trump's understanding of the fundamental principles of American democracy and his temperament to be President," Frank Islam, one of the top Indian American fundraisers for the Clinton Campaign said.

"In the game of American baseball, it's three strikes and you are out. If the same thing were true in Presidential elections, after the third debate, Donald Trump would have been sent off the playing field and back to the dugout," Potomac, Maryland based Islam said in a statement.

"From the debate, it is clear that Clinton is ready on day one to be Commander-in-Chief -- Donald Trump is simply temperamentally unfit and unqualified for the job," said Ajay Bhutoria from the Silicon Valley, who is among the top Indian American fund raiser.

"The choice in this election is clear. We can either come together to tackle the big challenges facing the country or let Donald Trump keep tearing us apart with his divisive rhetoric and dangerous ideas. Hillary Clinton believes that we are stronger together," Bhutoria said.

Pramila Jayapal, Indian-American Democratic candidate from Washington State for the US House of Representatives Seat, slammed Trump for his remarks on election results.
"Trump refused to accept the outcome of the election. He'll never be satisfied and will work to destroy our democracy," she tweeted.

Claiming that Trump won the debate, Ahluwalia, however, said the Republican candidate would shape the clear difference in his leadership and strong US when he is President.
"The final debate was more even, such that each side can claim victory - even as Hillary won," said Indian American attorney Ravi Batra.

"The incivility of this election prevented a handshake and portends an election result on November 8 that isn't accepted gracefully - and may even trigger violence. This isn't a recipe for America to stay great or be greater," he said.
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