Indian-origin transplant specialist organises stem cell donor registration drive in California Dr Akshat Jain, an internationally renowned stem cell transplant specialist of Indian origin, recently organised a stem cell donor drive at the Jain Center of Northern California in Milpitas, California.

He partnered with "Be The Match" the registry arm of National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP), and shared his desperation as an oncologist and stem cell specialist, when he has to provide treatment for cancer or other blood disorders in children or adults of south Asian origin who require a stem cell match. The registry consists of more than 70% Caucasian donors predominantly and more often than not, Dr Jain sees a challenge for transplanters across the world to establish a full match for their patients of South Asian origin.

The procedure involves collecting stem cells, either from the donor's blood or the bone marrow of the hip bone with a needle. Both processes take less than 6 hours and the donated stem cells are then purified, condensed and given to the patient suffering from cancer.

The drive was held on December 17 at the Jain Center in the heart of Silicon Valley and successfully energised the attendees, who comprised of a diverse group of multiethnic professionals.

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