Indian-American Teen killed his Mother Arnav Uppalapati (17),  has been arrested more than an year after he killed his Mother Nalini Tellaprolu (51) who works at Duke Medical Center.  

On December 17th 2015, Arnav called 911 to inform he found his mother dead in the garage after returning from school. The Teen's Father Babu Uppalapati way away from home on a business trip then.

A plastic bag was found over Nalini's neck when Cops reached the spot. Medical Examiner found bruises and scratches on the face and arms of the deceased. Even they spotted a fractured cartilage in the neck. So, possibility of homicide has been ruled out.

Cops, however, reached a conclusion that Arnav himself has committed the crime as no one has forced entry into the house at that period. Indian Community in US were shocked to know about the news. They say never been before they came across an incident where a son has killed his own biological mother.
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