Indian Man Allegedly Gropes US Woman on Flight In what could be a most shocking and horrific incident, a Tamil man, who sat between his wife and co-passenger, allegedly groped the co-passenger. The co-passenger has alleged him of sexually assaulting, abusing her after falling asleep on flight.

34-year-old Indian origin Prabhu Ramamoorthy, allegedly groped the 22-year-old seated next to him on a Spirit Airlines flight from Las Vegas which landed in Detroit early on January 3.

The victim alleged that ‘she woke up to find her pants and shirt unbuttoned and the man’s hand inside her pants,’ while his wife sat next to him.

According to the victim, Ramamoorthy continued assaulting her until she woke up and went to report the incident to flight attendants. Apparently, she reported the incident about 40 minutes before the plane was due to land. Ramamoorthy’s wife had at this point walked up to the back of the plane to inquire into the incident, the attendants added.

As soon as the flight landed in Detroit, Ramamoorthy was arrested and was charged with aggravated sexual abuse. He was held without bail. Ramamoorthy and his wife are living on a temporary visa, thereby disqualifying the latter as suitable custodian.

Meanwhile, in a written statement, Ramamoorthy claimed that he had taken a pill and fallen asleep. He rubbished the victim’s claims, saying he had learnt from his wife that the woman was ‘sleeping on his knees.’

Ramamoorthy has been working as a project manager at a technology group for about two and a half years. His lawyer, Richard O’Neill offered to turn in Ramamoorthy’s passport and said, “There’s been no allegations from anywhere that his behaviour has ever been inappropriate prior to this incident.”

Whereas prosecution argued that “Ramamoorthy was a flight risk and a potential danger to others around him.” Based on this, magistrate Judge Steven Whalen ordered Ramamoorthy to be held pending trial.

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