Honk More, Wait More: Lesson to reckless Honkers
Mumbai is one of the busiest cities in the world and the commercial capital of India. According to the recent survey, Mumbai ranked 4th in the worst traffic cities in the world.

Noise pollution is one of the major issue in this commercial capital. Honking is one of the reason for this, and it is even considered as honking capital of the world. The people honk even when the signal is red, thinking that honking can turn the signal to green faster.

Officials can't approach every vehicle requesting them not to honk at the signal lights. They have thought of teaching a lesson to these reckless honkers and came up with an innovative idea.

In order to curb the rising noise pollution, the police have installed a decibel meters at every signal light. The decibel meters are connected to the signalling system. If the sound reaches more than 85 decibels, it resets the waiting time to the start. If the honkers honk continuously then they have to wait more time till they stop doing it. It is known as the pushing signal, the more you Honk, the longer the signal stays red.

Joint Commissioner of Police Pandey pointed out that honking is not only a bad habit, but also an act of traffic indiscipline besides being a major health and pollution hazard.

The intention is not to punish the public, but to create awareness among them on the noise pollution through honking. Honk responsibly at a right place and right time, needless honking will cost your time with this innovative idea.