Aam Aadmi Party Manifesto brief
On Tuesday Aam Aadmi Party released its Manifesto which is short on the number of Promises compared to 2015, which is being mainly focused mainly on serving and value of the Constitution while talking of a nationalism course in Government Schools.

AAP mainly focused on supporting Minorities as it had done in 2015, it spoke out against the attack on places of Worships and inflammatory speeches.

The manifesto also includes making Delhi a centered modern city with a 70-point action plan.

The top three promises are Delhi Jan Lokpal bill, a Delhi Swaraj bill and doorstep delivery of ration. In which doorstep ration delivery is new, where Jan Lokpal and Swaraj bills were Previous promises.

As Delhi Assembly had passed Jan Lokpal Bill in 2015 it was pending for past four Years,Swaraj Bill was pending also With respect to Central government which is to expect to devolve power directly to the people with the help of Mahila Sabhas and Resident Welfare Associations.

It also had a plan for 24-hour markets, promises quality education,bustling,clean water,24x7 hospitable city,contribute to tourism and overall economy.

AAP manifesto also include to set up Markets on a Pilot basis in commercial areas like shops, restaurants which will remain open round the clock.