Begging can't stop Capital shifting Naidu!
N Chandrababu Naidu leader of opposition is now protesting funnily to stop the Capital shifting from Amaravati. He turned as a beggar taking a sack and started collecting funds from people. Wherever he organizes a meeting, he performs these acts in front of the people.

Will collecting funds help TDP in halting the Government's decision?  

Of course Not!

Naidu should search for the legal factors than performing these kind of acts among people. If the Capital shifting is against the law,  then he can approach the court with all the possible evidence to stop capital shifting.

Thinking widely, Amaravati all alone cannot develop the state. The development should be done to all the backward regions in the state.

Naidu started a bus tour to all the parts of the AP, provoking people against the government. He urges them to support Amaravati Capital, saying no to three capitals. Sadly we can find only TDP activists attending his meetings, and no other neutral people attend his meeting.

People are not ready to trust Naidu. They have given their verdict in elections and rejected him absolutely, that's the reason his party fell to second place.

Most of them believe a big scam taken place in establishing the Capital. Naidu is fighting to save his lands and projecting the issue as welfare of the state.

People are smatter than Naidu. He can't fool them every time. Provoking people is not a gentlemen way to deal with the problems. Everything should be solved peacefully.

As a responsible opposition leader, Naidu should walk to the government with valid demand and discuss it for the benefit of the state. He should consider the facts and lead the farmers in the right way striving for respectable compensation. Despite personal benefits, political parties should look towards the people who lost everything in the name Amaravati capital.