Trump war on media…excludes CNN from annual lunch

US President Donald Trump is taking his war with the media—and CNN in particular—up a notch. He’s disinvited CNN from the lunch presidents traditionally hold with the major networks’ news anchors on the day of the State of the Union address.

It’s not clear, though, what’s a worse statement on the health of the free press in the United States: Trump’s exclusion of CNN because he doesn’t like its sometimes-critical coverage of him, or the fact that other networks didn’t immediately and unanimously say their anchors wouldn’t attend either.

The lunch “gives the anchors a sense of the president's state of mind before they anchor SOTU coverage,” according to CNN Business. No one would lose anything by this lunch being abandoned entirely, so it’s a particularly bad statement that other networks are willing to effectively sign onto Trump’s attack on CNN in exchange for nothing newsworthy.