Indian Babysitter found guilty in death of toddler An Indian babystter was sentenced to 14 years in US federal prison for allegedly causing the death of a 19-months baby.

Initially, Kinjal Patel who was hired to take care of the baby informed the cops that the boy suffered a head injury after slipping on the floor. During the interrogation, She confessed to have pushed the baby in the face which led to the fall and his head hit the floor. The baby was admitted to Yale-New Haven hospital with multiple injuries and a fractured skull. He passed away three days later.

The Medical Examination proved that the death was indeed a homicide caused by blunt force trauma. However, Kinjal Patel didn't admit before the court that she is guilty of th child's death. Still, The Court imprisoned her to 14 years in jail as there is enough evidence against her.

Kinjal Patel isn't a US Citizen. So, The Federal Immigration Officials will be deporting her to India soon after the completion of jail term.
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