US Based Indian Techie Gets 9 Years In Jail For Sex Assault On Plane Prabhu Ramamoorthy, an Indian Techie, was sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment by a federal court in Detroit for sexual assault against a female passenger in a commercial plane early this year.

Judge Terrence Berge opined the quantum of punishment is big enough to make people refrain from committing such crimes in future.

US Attorney Matthew Schneider appreciated the victim who has shown courage to fight for justice. He asserted that indecent behaviour with those who are in a vulnerable positive won't be spared.

On January 3rd this year, Ramamoorthy touched a fellow passenger inappropriately when she was sleeping on a Detroit-bound flight which had taken off from Las Vegas. The victim woke up suddenly after she sensed somebody was touching her private parts. Then, She found her pants unbottoned and unzipped. The Girl had raised alarm and alerted the flight attendants. Wife of the Indian Techie was seated in the same flight. The 35-Year-Old Indian was convicted of all the charges leveled against him in August this year.

As per FBI, Mid-air Sexual Assaults were up by 66 percent from 2014 to 2017. Several Indian Nationals have been arrested on charges of sexual assault in plane.

Ramamoorthy hails from Tamil Nadu. He came to US in July 2015 on HI-B Visa. During the trail, The Techie claimed to be a confused man stranded in US without command on English Language inspite of having technical knowledge. Prosecutors sought 11 years of imprisonment but he received 9 years in the end. He will be deported to India after the completion of his jail term.

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