USCIS & DHS Raids: 8 Telugu Students Arrested In the US Nearly 10 Telugu students were arrested by the Homeland security in an immigration fraud, who mainly acquired the day 1 CPT from Farmington University in Michigan. Interestingly this fake university is set up by the officials to identify foreign students who were staying in the U.S. without proper authorization.

Eight people were charged with the claims of helping enroll the students in exchange for cash and others. These eight people are involved in helping out at least 600 students through illegal manner. The students were arrested on immigration violations charges said an official of Immigration department.

Arrests seem to have happened in Columbus, OH; Houston, TX; Atlanta, GA; St. Louis, MO; New York, NY on violation related to Farmington university in Michigan. These raids were reported aimed to catch students doing second masters with same level of degree by taking CPT for more than one year, which is a violation of USCIS regulations. If the student is pursuing his PHD, it is legal.

These students can be arrested, deported if get caught and can be barred from entering the US for next five years. It looks like the University of Farmington and Cumberland University are the largest ones which give day 1 CPT.

Lately so many students joined in those universities after their first MS OPT expired. It is also heard that the law firms are getting many calls since yesterday about students who are currently being enrolled or enrolled in the past with Farmington University of MI.

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